Certificated Javelin

Certificated Javelin

F-JT16 Certificated Javelin

Technical Standard:IAAF certificate product.





Technical Standard:IAAF certificate product.


1、IAAF standard man’s super hard aviation aluminum alloy javelin consist of three main parts: a shaft,a head and a cord grip.

2、The shaft is hollow and be constructed of super hard aviation aluminum alloy so as to constitute a fixed and integrated whole.The surface of the shaft no dimples,pimples,grooves ,ridges,holes and roughness.The finish is smooth and uniform throughout.

3、The shaft have fixed to a metal head terminating in a sharp point.The head be constructed completely of metal.It contain a reinforced tip fixed to the front end of the head provided that the completed head is smooth and uniform along the whole of its surface.The angle of tip not exceed 40 degrees.

4、The cord grip,which cover the centre of gravity,not exceed the diameter of the shaft by more than 8mm.It have a regular non-slip pattern surface but without thongs,notches and indentations of any kind.The grip have uniform thickness.

5、The cross-section is regularly circular throughout.


Minimum weight for admission to competition and acceptance of a Record:
weight 500G 600G 700G 800G
overall length
MIN 2.000m 2.200m 2.300m 2.600m
MAX 2.100m 2.300m 2.400m 2.700m